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Spring cleaning

Getting ready for summer sun and spring cleaning? We know it is stressful and exhausting job to do at the end of the season. The spring cleaning becomes more difficult when you are living in the large family. It is time consuming and heavy task that cannot be performed without the help of the experts. Team Clean Perth offers spring cleaning services at competitive market price than the competitors in the market. Our team is professional trained and skilled to remove the dust and the persistent spot of the last season with the ease and comfort.

Throughout the property:

  • Light switches- clean/wipe over
  • Power points- clean/wipe over
  • Laundry- clean/wipe over
  • Skirting boards- clean/wipe over
  • Walls- spot cleaning
  • Spot cleaning of walls covers cleaning occasional marks in high traffic areas, additional charges apply for excessive wall washing or full washing services
  • Exhaust fans and covers- clean/wipe over
  • Doors (internal & external) - clean/wipe over
  • Door frames- clean/wipe over
  • Sliding door tracks- vacuumed
  • Toilets- remove any staining to the bowl and clean undersides of the lid
  • Floors- vacuuming and mopping all floors of the house
  • Window sills- dust wiped

Bedroom list:

  • Light switches - clean/wipe over
  • Power points - clean/wipe over
  • Doors (internal and external) - clean/wipe over
  • Door frames - clean/wipe over
  • Sliding door tracks – vacuumed
  • Floors - Vacuuming and mopping all floors
  • Mirrors – cleaned
  • Kitchen List:
  • Cupboards and drawers - clean/wipe over (in and out)
  • Doors to pantry, cupboards and drawers - clean/wipe over
  • Splash back - clean over
  • Oven - clean door, glass, tracks, internally and externally
  • Stove top - clean dials and top
  • Range hood - clean and remove greasy residue and clean the top side
  • Sink and taps - clean and wipe over

Bathroom List:

  • Cupboards and drawers - clean/wipe over (in and out)
  • Doors to vanity cupboards and drawers - clean/wipe over
  • Shower glass - remove water staining and built up soap scum
  • Tap fittings - cleaned and polished
  • Exhaust fans – cleaned
  • Mirrors – cleaned
  • Towel rails - clean/wipe over
  • Toilet roll holders - clean/wipe over
  • Top edges of tiled areas - wipe over


  • 100% Bond Back Guarantee
  • All our cleaning service´s will come with 5 days guarantee
  • We will supply all our own cleaning equipment with all our services
  • Public & Product Liability Insurance from AAMI
  • Lowest Rates and Highest quality of Service
  • We provide official receipt as a proof of professional cleaning

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